Saturday, March 28, 2009

Like SO Totally!

Yesterday I met two of my friends that I went to school with when I lived in Bucyrus. I haven't seen them since 1993-94 when my jerk ex-step-dad kicked us out unexpectedly one day and we moved back to Marion. It was such fun seeing them again and how even though our life experiences have changed the way we look a little, we were basically the same girls I remember back as Sophmores in high school.

So I had my yearbook and old pictures out and as Abby is thumbing through and sees me, she says "Um, mom, did you like mean to wear that much make-up? It doesn't look so good." Hee hee. I told her that almost all young girls wear too much make-up and think it still looks good, but that we eventually learn how to apply it properly. And she goes "yea, and your hair was SO high!" I laughed out loud, of course, because she was SO right, but then defended myself and said "THAT was how we ALL wore our hair back then! LOTS of hairspray and really high bangs." I have plenty of pictures to prove it!

I told her when we got home I'd do our hair like we did back then and she reluctantly agreed. I, for one, had a blast doing it. Although, my hair has been out of that kind of shape for so long that it took several teases and several spray, curl, blow dries to get it to stand up. Abby's, however, obeyed like good virgin hair does. I thought she was rockin' the hair, but she just thought it was too retarded for words.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Feel Robbed

So I decided to make Broccoli Rice Casserole for Abby and I for dinner tonight. I distinctly remember buying this 160z bag of broccoli yesterday, purposefully buying a name brand (which I rarely do anymore) thinking that I'd get more broccoli heads than stems.

I break the bag open just now and take a gander inside. What do I see? Not broccoli heads, that's for sure! Nope, just a crapload of stems and pieces. WTHeck!? I paid full price for name brand to get nothing better than this?

Honestly people, there is ten ounces of stems and pieces here and maybe a cup worth of heads. Dang it! Makes me want to shove it all back in the bag and return it. This is deceitful robbery, if you ask me. I could have bought a whole fresh head of broccoli for this price! Grrr....

Guess it'll be Broccoli Stem and Rice Casserole tonight. *sigh*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Couple Random Thoughts at 5:00 on a Saturday

1) I went out and bought hair extensions this week. Yep, I did. I thought they'd help me get through this awful hair growing out transition. And in my humble opinion, they look sweet. My hair is still too short though to pull them off, so whatever, screwed again out of a fun fashion item. I swear that's been the story of my non-fashionable life. I've always been on the tail end of every fashion, just when it got less popular and came down in price so the rest of us uncool people could buy the whatever on super sale or the knock-off style at Walmart, Ten Below or some other non-brand store. Same thing with my hair. And now that I have the money to go out and buy the latest fashion things, I'm either to old and fluffy to shop in those stores OR I'm too guilty to spend the money on the stuff.

2. I'm seriously thinking of Googling "voluntary hysterectomy" because (male readers, skip to thought #3) I am SO tired of having a period. Seriously. I started two days ago and now on my third day I am FINALLY having Flo. So okay, day three and that means I'll be riding the tide for at least another five days and then another two for it to wane off and stop. I am SO sick of it. Eighteen years of this crud, vomiting, excruciating pain, blackouts, bleedouts, many, many pain relievers, three kids and a tubal later...I'm done. Take it out. I'm tired of the PMS and twelve plus weeks a year that are stolen from me.

3) I LOVE MY KIDS. Yep, I love the little shisters so much. They are at great ages right now. Abby's gonna be eight in April and she's like having a little sister around more often than not. The NOT being when she is reverts back to be four and picking fights with her little brother or whining at us about how unfair her life is. Anyway...she's become my little running partner and has actually surprised me. I really enjoy running with her and she can keep up for the most part. We're only doing a small mile each time, but she keeps a pace and keeps my mind off of how much I'd rather be sitting on the couch getting fatter. So I've dubbed her my running partner and am seriously thinking about entering the two of us into some fun races this Spring/Summer. How friggin' fun that would be!

And Zach is pretty hilarious right now...when he's not dropping a load in his underwear, that is. Yea, he's still doing that even though we had a great success of him sitting and doing it on the potty. Stubborn little thing. Scott asked him the other day how much he loved Daddy and he quickly said "20!" Hee hee. And then this morning as I was leaving to go to work I bent down to give Daddy a kiss at the computer and Zach got in the mix of us and said "I love you so much, Mommy and Daddy." So I said "we love you too, buddy" and he says "yea, I love you guys." (insert warm fuzzy feelings here) What a kid!

Little Miss Lilly is REALLY enjoying the outdoors. When she decides it's time to go out she goes to the coat closet, grabs her aqua blue Crocs and brings them to me along with her coat all the while saying "I go owside. I go owside." This kid absolutely LOVES going down the slide too. She waddles her diaper butt right over to it, throws her chubby leg up onto the wrung and up she goes. She doesn't wait for help either. She just heaves herself down and smashes at the bottom with a laugh. Fearless, I tell ya. Oh, but don't tick her off. She has a scream that can break your eardrum.

Three kids is STILL a lot to handle, but every month it gets easier and easier on us. It's nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

4) I DO think that when you have a baby, each one should also come with a Dyson. I honestly am in complete shock and awe by the amount of crumbs these kids trail around the house. Crumbs and little pieces of paper and bits of stuff EV-ER-Y-WHERE! It's maddening. But I press on..Scott and I both do. We wipe, we sweep, we dust, we pick up...and ten minutes later we have to go do it in another room. And to day we'll miss it all. Or so I hear.

5) Thank goodness Khloe Kardashian is on the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I was watching last night and the show was about how she was going to work with a PETA campaign. I'm not all supportive of getting naked for any good cause, but the that's what the deal was with her...her body image/dealing with being naked in the media. I guess she was getting comments about being a gorilla or amazon woman next to her sisters. Oh yea...well, if she's a gorilla then I'm a monkey's uncle. People please. she's just as gorgeous as her two sisters and I, for one, am glad she is the build that she is so that I (a regular sized girl) can identify with SOMEONE or SOMETHING on that show. I could totally see me being the cocky, outspoken, tough sister. You go, Khloe!

Alright...enough randomness from me. Have a great week, friends!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coochie Cream

Let me insert a little earthly girl reality here, right on the heels of all my spirituality stuff. just never know what I'm gonna say at any given time!

Do you wax *down there*? Do you do the "daily shave" or are you au natural?

I have a friend who for Valentine's Day decided to surprise her hubby with a freshly waxed Vag. Wow. Now THAT'S love! Am I right, girls? Just thinking about melted wax, muslin strips, thick coarse pubic hair and my sweet vag all in one sentence makes me want to curl into the fetal position. But she did it. My friend did it and oh boy, was her hubby EXCITED.

Okay, so I'm not real down with going to a salon and having it done, but I'm looking at myself *down there* and thinking...yea, a little vag-scaping might be in order.

I asked the gals at work awhile ago if they did regular maintenance and was SHOCKED to find that I was the only bush in the room. Apparently there is this cream out there called Coochie Cream and they use it to do their daily shave. I guess I missed that girl memo somewhere along the line.

So I figure I'll just use some Suave, a razor and trim up the kitty.

Uhhhh, hello itchy razor bumps, daily maintenance and prickley sensation while walking and bending down!! Yeee-ow!

So, after a week or two of this mild self-imposed torture I've come to the conclusion that I am neither paying a woman to painfully wax my coochie area nor painfully shaving the heck out of it. I'll just take care of the stray bikini spiders and call it a day.

To all of you fine women who are stronger and/or more capable than me in the vag-scaping, my hat is off to you. I'll be the hairy one over here. Hey, maybe I can start a new trend of vag hair maintenance...dye it a pretty shade of pink...put a bow in and voila!