Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Babysitter Blues

Okay, so LAST week before all the Christmas and Senor Strep Throat rushed through my life I had an idea that I might want to get out by myself after Christmas and while I still had all three kids by myself at home. SO in a smarty moment I was having I texted the babysitter (that's what you do nowadays with these crazy teens!) to see if she'd be available. I get an immediate response of "absolutely! I love your kids! (uh huh) I'm completely open while on vacation, so call me."

So, here I am on day 11 of the 16 day Christmas Break and all a girl wants is to go get her eyebrows and Fu Manchu waxed sans children, right? Right. I pick up the celly and text the sitter to see if she's available and go figure...she's too busy for me. *clawing my cheeks* COME ON! Srsly!? I pre-texted you and everything. (mental note: stop spiffing the babysitter's nightly income)

Where's The Babysitters Club when you need 'em!?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

100 Things About Me (that you may or may not care to know)

1. I'm not a natural red head. Nope, dirty blonde. Let the jokes roll.

2. I paint my toenails regularly but never do my fingernails. Why put the effort in when it'll be chipped or smudged in half an hour.

3. I've only been in love once and I married him.

4. I could eat pancakes, pizza and Cool Ranch Doritos everyday and never get tired of them.

5. I do not like to wait and HATE to be late.

6. I now really feel God when I'm reading the Bible. I didn't use to. It use to be like reading the phone book. I'd read, compute and put it down. Now though, I feel it. It lives for me.

7. I lick the Dorito powder off and throw the chip away. I know, it's gross, but I love it.

8. I have a geographic tongue and it really gets bad when I eat a lot of sugar. No, I won't show you.

9. I don't wear high heels anymore. My man is a head shorter than me, which is distracting enough for people. Adding three more inches is just redundant and asking for it.

10. I have three tattoos. I got the first one when I was seventeen (a rose), had it covered with a bigger sunflower while in college and then the third one a year later (a sleeping blue moon.) There is no significance to any of them.

11. I love to run. I dream about running at superhuman speed and bounding over really tall things.

12. I feel things in my dreams. I often dream of being shot and can feel the bullets hitting me.

13. I'm terrified of spiders. It's a fear that was transferred to me from my mom and so I REALLY try not to pass that on to my kids. Inside though, I'm a quivering mess of jelly.

14. I once read in a Ramona Quimby book about her squeezing out an entire tube of toothpaste and have always wanted to do it.

15. I realized that my daughter's spirit SOARS when she is hiking. I can sense her joy in the wilderness. It's amazing to me.

16. Talking about poo or toots makes me laugh hysterically, so does watching people get hurt. It's sick.

17. I've peed my pants numerous times while laughing, once when I was scared at a haunted house. I was seventeen! I hope that's not a glimpse of things to come.

18. Coffee is a passion of mine. It's soooo comforting.

19. I love to sleep in when I can. My back, however, does not like it at all.

20. I still have the Nike tag I cut out of my husband's t-shirt for him back when we were first dating.

21. I also still have all the pregnancy test that came out positive for my children.

22. My van is a constant mess. There is usually animal crackers and school papers littering the floor and I'm always grossed out and embarrassed when I move the carseats to find a heaping pile of food crumbs, stale french fries and fruit snacks. Minivans should come with mini vacuums installed. Hello!?

23. A raccoon pooped in my van.

24. I will not be leaving my van doors open while in the garage anymore.

25. I never had a single thought about being fat until I went to college and heard about the "Freshman Fifteen" and I've thought I was fat every day since. Thanks a lot Kent State.

26. I had my own personal toilet in my residence dorm at Kent. It was on the abandoned first floor of the building. It smelled bad and was never cleaned that I knew of, but it was private and yes, I would fly down three flights of steps at whatever time day or night to go be by myself to #2.

27. I am SO glad to be done having babies. I have three and enjoy them as much as possible. I do NOT miss them being babies and look forward to their birthdays every year as I watch them grow into themselves. I feel a little guilty about it and the fact that I LONG for retirement with my husband, just so we can be alone.

28. Dang, it's hard to think of 100 things about myself.

29. I despise doing laundry.

30. I enjoy mowing the lawn.

31. I want to see the Eiffel Tower in person and sit in a French cafe quietly sipping coffee.

32. My favorite movies are: Titanic, Shawshank Redemption, Tombstone, The Color Purple, The Passion of the Christ.

33. I ate a cinnamon scented candle when I was about nine years old and had diarhea for two days.

34. My mom and dad were never married, both have other children but I'm an only child between them.

35. I will never own another cat. I now despise cats. Our neighbors cats have scratched our cars and peed in our garage and taunted our dogs. I'm over them. No more cats. Down with the cats.

36. I'm a Libra, but never check my horoscope.

37. I'm a natural blonde but have colored my hair red since I was thirteen. Shoot, I said that one before. Oh well. Bears repeating.

38. I'm not witty. My mother has very quick, sharp wit but it skipped me somehow. I always think of what I should have said way after the conversation.

39. I do not like canned fruit, especially peaches. Bleck.

40. I'll eat most vegetables though, canned or fresh, except hominy, spinach and mushrooms.

41. I don't mind confrontation, but I only go at it when I really have to now. As a younger woman any perceived injustice would set me in fighting mode, but I've realized that it's not a godly manner to always be ready for a fight.

42. I really enjoy reading.

43. I married into a family that I always wished I had growing up and it excites me to think that my kids will have them as they grow.

44. It really irritates me when women my age or younger call me "sweetie", "baby/babe" or "honey." I mean REALLY irritates me. It also bothers me when the cashier asks for my ID and I really don't know why. They are just doing their job, nothing personal.

45. I do occassionally drink, but hardly at all anymore. It makes me too tired, so what's the point?

46. I have three brothers and no sisters. Only one of my brothers has never been in jail. The other two keep bunks on hold.

47. I agree with whoever said that cleaning house with children in it is like shoveling snow in a blizzard. Fruitless.

48. I work as a dispatcher for a local cable company. It's good work and only one day a week, so no complaints.

49. I do not enjoy cooking...baking, maybe. Cooking, not so much. I definitely do NOT enjoy menu planning either. Something in my brain won't allow me to follow through with it. It's like as soon as I commit to a weekly menu I get all claustraphobic and must deviate. Why is THAT? I wanna plan, I wanna know what we're eating and it makes sense and spends less money, but I just cannot do it.

50. I weigh 16 pounds more now than when I was married. I'd love to lose all 16!!

51. I have a Jack LaLanne Juicer and REALLY like using it.

52. If given the opportunity, I'd move to another state or country.

53. Warm, Sunny and Beachy is my ideal vacay.

54. I've never been to the Pacific coast, but hope to.

55. I could see myself going on a vacation all alone and enjoying it immensely. I do not fear being alone, but prefer company.

56. My hair falls out and clogs the shower drain and vaccum. It's super annoying and I do not doubt that my girls' hair issues have something to do with me.

57. I do not react well to criticism, but if given a small amount of time to think about it...I really do take it in, evaluate and apply it if necessary.

58. I love Oreos and milk.

59. I listen to all kinda of music...Top 40's, Old Country, some Classical, Oldies I love.

60. I can sit very still for a very long time although I very rarely ever do.

61. I miss working in a fast paced corporate atmosphere...lunchdates, deadlines, contacts.

62. I believe God knows what is best for me though and do my best to rest in this choice of being an at-home mother.

63. When I get the chance I kneel down wherever I am in my house and give honor to God. He has loved me so well and saved me from myself and a much harder life...not to mention that whole eternally separated from Him thing. *shutter* I grieve to think of those who will remain lost forever.

64. I don't like myself when I get overwhelmed with kids, housework and the chaos of my life. Every time I try not to let it blow, but it ineveitably does. I desire continual order, cleanliness and control...none of which are possible for ME in a house with three small children and two dogs. I just do the best I can to keep up!

65. I hope to be Raptured!

66. I like looking at artwork and creating some of my own. I really enjoyed drawing, painting and ceramics in high school and had some talent. It has diminished over the years to due not using the talent, but I'd like to redevelop it later in life.

67. I played violin for a few years in grade school and never lost the love for it. It's another thing I'd like to redevelop as time would allow.

68. I HAVE developed a great love for God's Word and not only enjoy reading it, but also weep while doing so at times. It's pretty magical really and I feel for people who say they can't "get it" or don't want to read it. I wish that everyone could feel the way I do about it.

69. Scott and I eat chocolate chip yogurt milkshakes several times a week, at night after the kids go to bed. It's "our time" and we covet it.

70. I fight the urge many nights to run across my back yard and throw dried corn at my neighbor's bedroom window. If I have to listen to their barking dog from 11pm to 2-3am...then they need to be awake too. It's only fair.

71. I am a very loyal and forgiving person. If I befriend you, it will take quite a bit of punishment and hurt before I'll turn my back on you. I expect the same in return though.

72. I love, love, love to bless people financially when we can...or to give them something they've needed.

73. I'm a pretty direct person and live my life like an open book. I try to remember that most people are not this way but often stick my foot in my mouth.

74. I wish my Dad and I lived closer. If we could just relocate Wyoming to where Indiana is, that'd be awesome. Actually, if we could just get it into a spot where the airport terminal wasn't SO danged expensive that'd be pretty near awesome. It shouldn't cost $700 to fly anywhere in the US. Europeans travel all over their countries for less than that. Ridiculous.

75. I wear make up nearly every single day of the year. It's necessary...I'm a little scary looking without it. Which reminds me, how rude is it for paparazzi to take snapshots of stars without make-up and splash it across a magazine cover. How would they like it if someone shot a pic of THEIR dimpley buttcheeks and put it on a billboard? I always feel sorry for these starlets. I mean come on, the average woman doesn't believe that these stars ACTUALLY walk around looking magnificent and screen ready all day every day. Come on. Give 'em a break.

76. I am not sure there are 24 more things about me. What else is there that you need to know!?

77. Our checkbook is hardly ever balanced. That drives my husband nuts.

78. I leave clothes in the washer and dryer accidentally. That drives him nuts too.

79. I use to steal things when I was very young. I quit when my future step-sister (who was much older and cooler than I was) found out that I took something small from her. It embarrassed me so badly I never did it again. Okay, okay, the occassional pen from work, but that's it. Scouts honor.

80. I'm so ready for another vacation with my husband...I'll even take my kids this time. I just need to get away from cold Ohio and the daily grind of cleaning up messes and paying bills.

81. I think if God gave me the lottery...I'd really spoil myself and ALL of my family. I'd also go around helping people every chance I got. Money doesn't buy happiness but it does make life easier.

82. My baby girl has strep throat right now and I wish I could take it away from her. :(

83. I have learned a lot from my mother's mistakes and successes, and pray that all the mistakes I see as huge in my mothering will make my children even better parents than Scott and I.

84. Love the smell of roses, fresh laundry from the dryer, my husband's t-shirts and coffee brewing.

85. I like to write, text, Facebook and IM.

86. I use to enjoy talking on the phone but after so many years of competing with the noise level in my house it's just easier to type out what I want to say than say it. I always feel bad for the people who call me. Someday I'll be able to talk on the phone in peace, but not now.

87. I'm wearing black sweatpants, a bright blue Kent State t-shirt and a pink ballcap to work today. Sooo comfy and casual here.

88. I'd rather be sleeping right now.

89. I have hypothryoidism. Hot, right!?

90. This is really waaay too much information for you all, I think. But dang it, I have ten more to go. I can eek out ten more things about myself. Come on, Christy!!

91. I put both socks on and then both shoes, not one sock, one shoe at a time.

92. I DO NOT have that weird thing about having to have my sock seam straight or not touching my toes wrong. I, however, CANNOT eat crunchy tacos b/c the shell ineveitably cracks and makes a mess of the filling. Thank God for soft tacos.

93. I need to step it up at home and start making goals for myself around the house. Just need some accoutability there. It's not cool for me to be home all week and still have mountains of laundry and things left undone all over the place. I can reasonably kick it into gear and do better. It will be one of my 2010 goals.

94. I have never had a close encounter of the alien kind.

95. I do wonder though about the spiritual realm and how much our friends and family who have passed encounter with us, if they do at all. I find that John Edwards really fascinating.

96. If I could talk to someone who passed that I knew...it would probably be my Grandma Francis. I never knew her since she died when I was 3 or 4 years old, but the family all loved her so.

97. If I died today, I'd have to say that I have lived a good life and would die happy and reaching out for Jesus' hand!

98. I like almost all condiments.

99. I'm feeling pressured that number 100 should be a real zinger, but am drawing a blank.

100. I'm done filling out 100 things about myself, am glad about that and I'll bet you are too! :) Hope you know me a little better now though!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Hey, remember me!? Yep - I'm still here it's just been a very long break from writing!

Life has been happening so fast around me and I'm doing my best to keep up with it all. Three kids, two in school, one littlest one who is my mini shadow, two dogs (one of which is a puppy), keeping up (or not) with the housework and calendar commitments and now Christmas too. Phew! I'm pooped out and ready for a vacation.

However, I'm not here to complain...I'm here to give you a quick update. Let's see, I'm still working on Saturdays and that has proved to be a wise move on our parts. Over this past year we've just socked my money into the bank each week and this Fall we were able to take all of what I made and maybe a little more and paid off our van...so no car payments anymore! Woohoo! Now we're hoping to somehow pay ahead on the home loans so we can be debt free. We've been doing this a little this year, but now are hoping to send Ab to private Christian school so we have to juggle that money from somewhere. January will be a time of reevaluation of the finances and spending, so we'll see what can be done with what we have.

October was tough because we had to put our little Max down. He was ten plus years old and having a really hard time breathing along with his other chronic health issues, so we decided it was time to let him go. What a rough life experience that was for this old girl! I still call the other dogs AND THE KIDS SOMETIMES by Max's name and feel a little twinge in my heart, but overall we're glad he's at peace and our house doesn't smell like a decaying dog anymore. RIP Max.

November was great! I don't know where it went. It really was a blur! Thanksgiving was here at my house and we had family in from both sides. Good times, good food, good company! 'Nuff said!

December is going just as fast and it's nearly time to take a look at my "Resolutions" from last year, see what all I've done and make a new list of goals. I think one of those should be for me to write more....I miss it. I read my old posts and think "Damn, I'm a good writer. I need to make more time to do this and stay off of Facebook." Facebook really is fun, but it's also a time stealer and a cheap version of relationships. I need to spend more time farming my relationships with friends and family and less on Farmville, more time filling the emotional tanks of my loved ones and less cleaning the tanks on Happy Aquarium. Right? Right.

Time to start the day here already! Merry Christmas to anyone who might still be out there lurking!