Friday, May 22, 2009

Blast From The Past

Remember this toy from childhood? I do. I think back when I had one it was called The Mop Top Hair Shop. This one I found at a garage sale today for fifty cents. The original one I played with came with a few holey-headed people, the barber chair that pumped play-doh up into the heads, a plastic pair of scissors and a few hair-do molds. This one comes with two people, the chair and a clipper that supposedly buzzes when it touches the play-doh. Eh, for fifty cents I think it was a good deal, but man, they don't make toys like they use to. I'm sure whomever I bought this from paid at least $10 for this set and it's about worth fifty cents, I think. I couldn't leave it behind though. It'll be something else they can share when we do get the play-doh out instead of the three of them fighting over two play-doh toy sets.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sleepy Eye

Back when Scott and I actually use to "make out" I'd always come away from the breathless span of kissing with my eyes closed. It was hard to open them again and regain composure, so I'd say that he gave me "sleepy eyes" again. I loved it.

I was taking a few shots of myself the other day because 1) I felt like I need to update my profile picture on Facebook and 2) I felt particularly cute this day, but afterwards had to rethink my definition of "sleepy eyes" for myself.

I sit my camera on the shelf of my cupboard, click the timer, pose, smile and SNAP. Crud. That was an awful one. So I repeat the process a few times. You be quiet, you do it too. I grab the camera and take a look at the shots in horror. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY EYE!? Do I have a lazy eyelid or something!? My left eye (is that my left or yours? Mine, I think.) is totally trying to close on me. Seriously people, I'm not trying to look all seductive OR drugged in this shot. No, THAT'S MY NORMAL EYE SHAPE WHEN I SMILE! Oh you see it, I know you do.

Umm, it's making me feel all weird about myself when I smile now. And how awful too because Scott already tells me that I look "b*tchy" when I'm not smiling, like I need to walk around with a perma-smile on or something. Now when I do smile I realize my one eye is looking like it wants to go to sleep on me.

I think I've read somewhere that one side of your face is dominant and apparently my left side lost the coin toss.

There's absolutely no real, solid, life changing point to this post. I just wanted to share my retarded eye with the rest of the world. You may now go back to whatever was surely more important than this.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poo Dunnit?

It's a nice leisurely Sunday morning. I have my two cups of cinnamon spiked coffee (yea, that's my new thing...a dash of cinnamon in my grounds before the brew) while sitting on the couch. I realized I'm gonna miss the first service at church and decide to make the most of the morning by cleaning out my junk drawer, clearing off the kitchen sink window ledge and shaving Max, our old fart of a poodle. Oh yea, baby...leisure turned into git 'er done!

I get all this done, hop in the shower and get us moving out the door for eleven o'clock service. Scott got the kids in the car for me, while I finished getting myself together, and when I finally jumped in I smelled something like vomit. I said "eew, what is that smell!?" and looked over to see two seven inch long BIG turds on the floor of the passenger seat!!! UGH! GROSS!!

I jumped clear out of the van, but the poor kids are strapped in and screeching at me, bug eyed, to tell them what kind of monster is left in the van with them. Of course by this time Scott had gone ahead for work, so I had to put on my big girl panties and clean it up myself. Nasty. I have a habit of leaving my sliding door open on the van and here recently the raccoons have been coming in our garage foraging for food (which really translates into tipping over the trash cans, scratching the bags open and spreading the rotten garbage all over the floor as a buffet.) Well, I guess yesterday one had to take a big ol' poopie while he was attempting to steal whatever stale french fry or animal cracker he could find under the carseats and thought "eh, this nice vanilla coconut smelling van looks like a good spot!"

Listen, I'm all for live and let live and I don't even own a gun YET. But at this point, my motto is now gonna be: He who takes a poo in my van has stepped over the line into "I'm gonna pop a cap in yo furry raccoon tail if I see you in there again" territory.

Stupid raccoons. I once thought they were cute. I even overlooked having to clean up my own garbage they clawed apart. I also tried to overlook the night they woke us up at 2am knocking over the trash cans while trapped inside the garage. But this? This is the last straw. I'm heading over to google how to go to war against raccoons.

Monday, May 11, 2009

$50 worth of fun

Last Fall our friend Shawn handed us a Hot Wheels Jeep that his daughters had outgrown. Zach was enamoured with it, but unfortunately the battery it came with was dead. We didn't figure it was worth the money to buy a new battery right then since Winter was impending. So it sat in the garage and then at the side of the house. For the past several months he and the other kids would pull it out, hop in and take turns pushing each other around in it...always hoping it would somehow spark to life and run them around the neighborhood.

So we finally decided we'd just go ahead and get the battery now since Summer is all but here. We went through two big stores and came up empty at both. Must have been a big run on 12v Hot Wheels batteries in Reynoldsburg! I ran into a neighbor today while out and he mentioned a battery store right near us. They wanted a few more dollars for the battery than the superstores, but hey, we got the Jeep for FREE, so what's the big deal in buying the battery, right?

Next to scoring big on the big box of puzzles at Christmastime THIS was the best money spent on Zach. He friggin' loves it! Lilly, God bless her, she was just happy as can be to be the rider and giggle through the whiplash.

It's gonna be a GREAT Summer! I can feel it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Not Too Bad, If I Do Say So Myself

I was checking back through old posts here while sitting at work. Lucky girl, right, all that time to spend lazily. Not really, just in between mad dashes of installers calling in to complete their jobs. Anyway, I came back to my resolution post and was pretty siked to see that many of them are completed or on their way to completion. Yes!

1.Go on a beach vacation with my hubby (PLANNED FOR JULY!)
2.Run a 5K (or more?) and actually condition so I can have a respectable time (IN PROCESS)
3.Get a tattoo that has some personal meaning (Rethinking this one...stay tuned)
4.Have lunch with Abby at school (DID IT!)
5.Volunteer to do something I have never done before and am uncomfortable with. (DID IT!)
6.Cut down the pizzas and milkshakes (see the lose fifteen pounds) (DID IT!)
7.Actually see Zach fully potty-trained (DID IT! This is my absolute favorite one!)
8.Drink more water and less coffee (starting today) (DID IT!)