Monday, August 6, 2012

Feeling Quite Blessed

So as of late I have been feeling under the gun. Mister Baker? Well he feels like he's been shot with a machine gun. I can't say we didn't know what we were getting into with starting the business because we did but wow are we super busy people! From the moment we wake up until we fall into bed we are both running from thing to thing to thing. Hubby is all SBA stuff and my list always included SBA, kids and managing the corporation that is Baker Enterprises.

I'm so thankful for it all too. Although I find myself having a pity party from time to time I always am glad and thankful for all that I've been given. And yesterday was a busy pity party kind of day. I just wanted to go back to when life was easier and my biggest worry was what we were having for dinner and whether I clipped the ever mounting pile of coupons. These days are flooded with kid drama (thank to it being Summer and all three are home), housework woes (it's never done or done to completion), managing repairs, appts, yard stuff and then there are the work responsibilities. My hat changes by the half hour!!!

Last night I just wanted to eat some greasy cheese and sausage dip, watch TV with the hubs and go into a coma. So I did.

This morning I woke up later than I wanted, rolled lazily to the middle of the bed (because hubby didn't have the luxury of sleeping in) and wondered what craziness the day would bring. Thankfully God knew and prepared a great big old heaping full of blessings day for little old me. I got to my list and knocked a lot of things off via the phone, swiftly got through the paperwork, called in to customer service at Keurig to troubleshoot my coffee maker to be given a brand new one for FREE. Mind you I bought it for fifty bucks on Craigslist refurbished, which I did divulge to them. Woohoo!! Those suckers are $180 each!! So yay! Then I called to get my crapped out fridge recycled and when I tried plugging it in the dang thing started working again. Woohoo!!! My drivers side door did not spiritually fixed and so far there's no price break but it's getting fixed tmrw morning first thing and I'm pumped for that. LOVE our mechanic too. A sweet Southern man who knows what he's doing, remembers his customers and treats them fair. In fact, I think I'll make him a peach pie just for being so dang nice.

And the radio. Remember how I told you God sings to me? All afternoon long it's been love songs on the radio. *squeal* I'm not kidding! No you shut up!! It's true.

His banner over me is LOVE and I see it, feel it today and am rejoicing!!!

Look for the blessings, my sweet friends!! He means for his children to live always looking for the GOOD, not expecting the bad like the world tells us.

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