Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet Baby Kisses

Today has been a day like any other day...busy and full.  I love it too.  I do enjoy being busy in a balanced way.  I like having things planned and getting other things done in between those planned things.  It's when you add three terrifically whiny, sometimes erratic children in the mix that I start losing the delicate balance of juggling all the balls in the air.

By the kids' bedtime I'm usually pretty worn out physically and mentally, and it takes reaching down deep inside to get all those teeth brushed, PJs on and kids tucked in with that last mandatory book reading.  I mean, some nights, God love my kids, they get the book read through a yawning, monotone voice.  BUT I DO READ and I do try to do it with emphasis and emotion...most of the time.

Tonight I'm reading "the cupcake book" for the fiftieth time to my dear Lilly, and she's wallering all over me.  Does everyone know what Wallering is?  Spell check isn't recognizing, so it may be one of those made up words I've acquired.  Anyway, wallering means wriggling and climbing all over me.  You get the idea.  I'm trying to read as efficiently and quick as I can without rushing, and Lilly is literally sliding legs and arms around any inch of my body that she can...and kissing me all over.  She first reaches down and kisses my arm.  I roll my eyes and say "Thank you. I love you too." and keep reading.  Then she grabs my face and kisses me on the cheek so sweetly.  I sighed loudly and said "I love you toooooo, Lilly, but I'm reading here, so no more kisses."  Then I feel her bright eyes twinkling all over my face and out of my periphery I can see she's smiling VERY brightly, like she's enamored.  *Laughing*  I stopped reading and turned to look her straight in her eyes and she laughed out loud and hugged my arm super tight.  And simultaneously I felt my heart squeeze again (like it has recently, ya know) and inside my spirit I heard Him say "Remember the woman who kissed and wiped my feet so tenderly?  Wouldn't YOU want to kiss me and hug on me just like that? That's unhindered love. Do not push it away."  **melting**

So I put the book down, pulled her squarely on my lap, held my baby girl and smothered in her love.  It's moments like this that are the rewards of parenting.  They can so easily get lost in the rush and busyness.  I'm so glad the Lord speaks gently and I'm learning to listen more intently, even if it's in between the madness and whining. :)

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